Sunday, May 29, 2011

Album Review: I See Stars - The End Of The World Party

I See Stars
The End Of The World Party
Sumerian Records

I See Stars fans are going to love this release!!! The End of the World Party continues to hit a variety of genres and styles like electronica, pop rock, emocore and indie rock. I See Stars has matured in their musical abilities, especially Devin Oliver, who has done a spectacular job cleaning up his singing. I was hoping for them to go further with screaming on this release but don’t get me wrong, this is still a top notch album. The two songs that hit home for me were the title track and the last track “Pop Rock and Roll”. The electronic work in both of those songs are so catchy, you will catch yourself humming it hours afterward. I See Stars are showing that they are a force to be reckoned with in this electronic-pop-emocore genre. So if you haven’t jumped on the I See Stars bandwagon yet, this is the perfect album to begin your journey.

Album Review: DevilDriver - Beast

Roadrunner Records

WARNING!! This release should not be listened to if you have a) a heart defect b) pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant or c) if you are known for uncontrollably crying. Brutal. Chaotic. Emotional. These are my first reactions to listening to this sick record! A definite step up from their 2009 release Pray for Villains, this album is too hard to compare to any of their other releases for the simple fact that it portrays a whole different feel and seems to be a more emotional and personal album to the members. DevilDriver really experimented by picking to cover the alt-country band 16 Horsepower’s song “Black Soul Choir” and let me tell you, it’s one of my favorite covers and songs on this cd! Turning an alternative country hit into a melodic death metal tune was brilliant and shows that they are musicians to the core. 

Album Review: Emmure - Speaker Of The Dead

Speaker of the Dead
Victory Records

What did I just experience? Speaker of the Dead is at the top of my list for best hardcore album of the year! I was amped when I heard Emmure was working on their fourth full length and they did NOT disappoint. They mix hardcore antics with metal riffs to create perfection on this album. I mean come on, how can you go wrong with an album that has 15 tracks and songs titles like “4 Poisons 3 Words”, Children of Cybertron” or “Solar Flame Homicide”. This album welcomed two new members, Mike “Harvey” Kaabe on drums and Mike Mulholland on guitar. Both dug right into the trenches and busted out some war like sounds with armor piercing guitar riffs and the machine gun style drum beats. If you have yet to pick up an Emmure album, you better pick up Speaker of the Dead or your friends will abandon you. Check them out on The All-Star Tour this summer.

Album Review: I, Apparatus - Iscariot

I, Apparatus
Iscariot EP
Self Released

Hailing from the wheat fields of North Dakota, these Minot natives are exploding in the NoDak underground scene with a vengeance. Their latest EP, Iscariot, definitely takes pointers from Shai Hulud, The Chariot and early Underoath’s playbooks yet adding their particular blend of style that truly makes this music their own. Having previous EP’s already under their belt, this new release really shows how much they progressed in both their song writing and music structure. Starting with the song Song Of The Nightingale, it starts off a little slow but then it grabs you by the throat, headbutts you, and doesn’t let up until towards the end of the album. The only element this album lacks is that it isn’t a full length but don’t worry, their debut full length will be revealed this summer when they go on tour with  Alistair Hennessey. Check out the album and don’t forget your ice pack

Regional Spotlight: Arizona Edition

This is another Regional Spotlight I did for AMP...

Eyes Set To Kill


Tempe, Arizona
Releases: When Silence Is Broken The Night Is Torn
                The World Outside
                Broken Frames
                currently working on their next album
Members: Alexia - vocals/guitar/keyboard  Anissa - bass  Cisko - vocals  Caleb - drums/samples
Record Label: Break Silence Recordings
Rocks Like: Straight Line Stitch, System Divide, A City Serene

Andrew Jackson Jihad


Phoenix, Arizona
Releases: Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns
               People That Can Eat Other People Are The Luckiest People In The World
               Only God Can Save Us
               Can't Maintain
               Holiday Inn Gainesville
               Operation Stackola
Members: Ben - vocals/bass  Sean - vocals/guitar  random friends also join them on stage to play instruments
Record Label: Asian Man
Rocks Like: Neutral Milk Hotel, Ghost Mice, Pretty Hot

The Word Alive


Phoenix, Arizona
Releases: Empire
               Deceiver (plus deluxe edition)
Members: Telle - vocals  Tony - guitar/vocals  Zack - guitar/vocals  Dusty - keyboard  Justin - drums  looking for a bassist
Record Label: Fearless
Rocks Like: We Came As Romans, Attack Attack!, House Vs. Hurricane

Authority Zero


Mesa, Arizona
Releases: A Passage In Time
               Rhythm And Booze (Live album)
               Stories Of Survival
Members: Jason - vocals  Jim - drums  Jeremy - bass  looking for a guitarist
Record Label: Suburban Noize
Rocks Like: Against Me!, Killradio, Rise Against

Killing Spree

Phoenix, Arizona
Releases: You + Me = Bleed
Members: Jeffrey - vocals/programming  Dave - guitar  Gale - guitar/vocals  Jason - bass/vocals  Greg - drums
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: Murder Death Kill, Bleeding Through, Jamie's Elsewhere



Phoenix, Arizona
Releases: Rise To Power
               In Our Name
Members: Matt - guitar/vocals  Beau - bass/vocals  Jeremy - drums/vocals
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: All That Remains, Pantera, Hatebreed

City In The Sea


Scottsdale, Arizona
Releases: The Long Lost
Members: Todd - vocals  Jeff - guitar/vocals  Nick - guitar  Dan - bass  Eric - drums
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: Underoath, Miss May I, MS WHITE

A Life Of Science

Phoenix, Arizona
Releases: The Apneist
Members: ZakK - guitar/vocals/programming  Scott - guitar/vocals  James - vocals/bass/keyboard  JD - keyboard/guitar/vocals  Angel - drums/vocals
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: Breathe Electric, Owl City, The Postal Service

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Regional Spotlight: The Midwest Edition

This is something I did for AMP Magazine at the beginning of the month so I figured I would stick it here for more people to view and possibly find an awesome band that they will love and cherish forever and ever...



Fargo, North Dakota/Minneapolis, Minnesota
Releases: Stained with the Blood of an Empire
               Thresholds of Imbalance
               Agassiz (releases in 2011)
Members: Rusty - vocals  Rob - drums/electronics  Matt - guitar  James - guitar  Dan - bass
Record Label: Translation Loss
Rocks Like: Mouth Of The Architect, Isis, Borknagar



Fargo, North Dakota
Releases: Creator
               Give Me Rest (releases 2011)
Members: Shane - vocals/guitar  Chris - bass  Josh - drums
Record Label: Facedown
Rocks Like: A Plea For Purging, Onward To Olympas, Here I Come Falling

Sick Of Sarah


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Releases: Los Angeles EP
               Bittersweet EP
               Sick Of Sarah
               The Best Thing EP
Members: Abisha - vocals/guitar  Jamie - bass/vocals  Jessica - drums/vocals  Jessie - guitar/vocals Katie - guitar/vocals
Record Label: Adamant
Rocks Like: VersaEmerge, Tegan And Sara, The Dollyrots

Your Memorial


Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Releases: Seasons
Members: Willy - guitars  Blake - vocals  Tommy - drums  Skip - bass
Record Label: Facedown
Rocks Like: Martyr A.D., After The Burial,Parkway Drive

Gone By Tomorrow


Fargo, North Dakota
Releases: The Vermillion Empire
               A Jack Knife Flower
               Find Your Shadow
               When It Pours It Rains
               Troubles With Living
               Sour Apple Piano Core
Members: Jeremy - vocals/guitar/electronics
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: Her Space Holiday, Paul Baribeau, Bright Eyes

Blind Joe


Kindred, North Dakota
Releases: People Like Me
               Soul Singin' Son Of A Bitch
               Warm Whiskey, Cold Beer
               Where The Hell Are All The Honky Tonks
               Red Neck, White Trash, Blue Collar Boys
Members: Blind Joe - vocals/guitar
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: Hank Williams III, David Allen Coe, Lynryd Skynyrd
The Suit


Fargo, North Dakota
Releases: Battle For The Blood EP (Midnight Suit)
               We've Come With Nothing (Midnight Suit)
               The Way That We Fall
Members: Dustin - bass/vocals
                Paul - vocals
                Greg - keyboard/vocals
                Richie - drums
Record Label: Unsigned
Rocks Like: The Casino Madrid, A Static Lullaby, Scarlett O'Hara
I, Apparatus


Minot, North Dakota
Releases: I, Apparatus
               This Is Your Derailment EP
               Entitlement EP
               Iscariot EP
               Ebola And The Botanist (releases 2011)
Members: Cody - bass/vocals  Dennis - guitar/vocals  Patrick - guitar/vocals  xBJx - drums
Record Label: Ling Chi
Rocks Like: Converge, Shai Hulud, The Chariot

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