Sunday, May 29, 2011

Album Review: Emmure - Speaker Of The Dead

Speaker of the Dead
Victory Records

What did I just experience? Speaker of the Dead is at the top of my list for best hardcore album of the year! I was amped when I heard Emmure was working on their fourth full length and they did NOT disappoint. They mix hardcore antics with metal riffs to create perfection on this album. I mean come on, how can you go wrong with an album that has 15 tracks and songs titles like “4 Poisons 3 Words”, Children of Cybertron” or “Solar Flame Homicide”. This album welcomed two new members, Mike “Harvey” Kaabe on drums and Mike Mulholland on guitar. Both dug right into the trenches and busted out some war like sounds with armor piercing guitar riffs and the machine gun style drum beats. If you have yet to pick up an Emmure album, you better pick up Speaker of the Dead or your friends will abandon you. Check them out on The All-Star Tour this summer.

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