Sunday, May 29, 2011

Album Review: I, Apparatus - Iscariot

I, Apparatus
Iscariot EP
Self Released

Hailing from the wheat fields of North Dakota, these Minot natives are exploding in the NoDak underground scene with a vengeance. Their latest EP, Iscariot, definitely takes pointers from Shai Hulud, The Chariot and early Underoath’s playbooks yet adding their particular blend of style that truly makes this music their own. Having previous EP’s already under their belt, this new release really shows how much they progressed in both their song writing and music structure. Starting with the song Song Of The Nightingale, it starts off a little slow but then it grabs you by the throat, headbutts you, and doesn’t let up until towards the end of the album. The only element this album lacks is that it isn’t a full length but don’t worry, their debut full length will be revealed this summer when they go on tour with  Alistair Hennessey. Check out the album and don’t forget your ice pack

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