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Album Review: End Up Falling - 4 Song Demo

End Up Falling
4-Song Demo

End Up Falling is a 5-member metalcore/pop metal band from Los Angeles, California. When I listened to these 4 songs, my first impression was Chase Long Beach (vocals only) mixed with Atreyu. I agree, that is a different mixture but it keeps it interesting.  

EUF are very much newcomers to the scene but I hear and see tremendous potential for this band. The recordings aren't that bad and musically, it's pretty good. It was hard to pick my favorite song but after listening to all the songs, my pick would be Hope's Downfall. It starts off with some Atreyu style screams and about 50 seconds into it, Kristen comes in with her pop rock style singing. Some people don't care for male screams/female singing but I love the dynamic and with a little bit more practice and higher quality recordings, EUF will be touring right along Eyes Set To Kill, Kittie, In This Moment among many others.

I recommend each and every one of you to check this group out and help support them in anyway possible whether it's supporting them in future merch sales or checking them out on tour or even just telling your friends about them.


Album Review: The Beat Conception - Beginning Of The End Vol. 1

Let me just say this, at first I was pretty skeptical about reviewing this album because I usually don't get into instrumentals but damn was I ever wrong!!!

Let me get you introduced to The Beat Conception. Its a group made up of three members: Shah Syed AKA Skywalk3r (born in Toronto, raised in Detroit), Donnie Odom AKA Mozaic (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Emmett Mcfarland AKA Angered Rebel (Cincinnati, Ohio).

It starts off with an Intro by Angered Rebel that is amazing! I'm not familiar with the sample used but it's hilarious and it has a jazz overtone and some beats towards the end. The next song is Rocket (Jupiter's Eye) by Angered Rebel which is the track that caught my attention immediately! The only way I can describe this track is jazz infused hip hop at its finest. Track three is called Masterpiece by Mosaic and the title describes it beautifully. It's definitely a soundtrack instrumental that everyone will love. Track four is called Smoke 'Em by Skywalk3r and let me tell you, hip hop artists are going to be drooling over these beats.

I figured I would give you all a sneak peak of the album by telling you about the first half because everyone needs to purchase it and really feel what I'm talking about. Go buy the digital album here and you even get a special bonus track (you have to buy it in order to see what it is). If I could pick two words to describe this album, it would be "smooth transitions". Every track is unique from the next but they all fit together perfectly. I can't wait for vol. 2 and every other one they come out with.



Angered Rebel!/profile.php?id=502474779

6 Bands You Need To Know: June 2011

Alright my fellow friends and fans, here is what you all have been waiting for!!! These are 6 underground bands that are really dominating their scene. Go check out all of the bands and show them support by purchasing their merchandise and supporting them on tour. These were nominated by you so keep up supporting the underground and keep it brutal my friends \m/ \m/

Phoenix, Arizona

Howitzer is a 3-member metal behemoth barreling out of Phoenix, Arizona. Since forming in 2000, Jeremy, Matt and Beau have sharpened their skills and honed their hatred to put together the strongest metal release of 2008, the aptly titled “Rise To Power”. Welcome to the next level of aggression. Howitzer has taken their disgust for the repetitive and has crafted their own brand of pure heavy metal. They don’t play by the rules, they don’t follow formulas, and they don’t listen to anybody – they simply put their money where their mouth is. Their backgrounds are as diverse as jazz, punk, classic rock, blues, and old school metal come together to bring you a modern day Frankenstein of bone crushing metal. These guys write heavy music for heavy people for a heavy scene. Their following is growing by the hour so you better catch them now before they are bigger than you can handle. Check them out on the road and pick up their albums and bang your heads until your head falls off.

Jeremy – drums/vocals  Matt – guitar/vocals  Beau – bass/vocals

Rocks Like: Slayer, Pantera, Motorhead

I, Apparatus

Minot, North Dakota
Hotfoot Records

I, Apparatus was started in mid-2008 in the small town of Minot, ND. Beginning as a 5 piece, the group eventually found 4 like-minded individuals who had a passion for what they did. Heavy, chaotic, melodic, and just plain crazy are some of the words used to describe the group’s music. They take the concept of a live show and instead of making it a performance, they create an experience. Currently, I, Apparatus has 3 EP’s (I, Apparatus EP, This is Your Derailment EP and Iscariot EP) and also a 7” (Entitlement) and will be releasing their debut full length this summer (Ebola and the Botanist). These guy bring one of the best live shows you will ever experience so check them out this summer on a US tour with Minnesota natives Alistair Hennessy.

Cody – bass/vocals  Dennis – guitar/vocals  Patrick – guitar/vocals  xBJx – drums

Rocks Like: The Chariot, Shai Hulud, Norma Jean

Phoenix, Arizona

Laconic is a 5 piece metalcore outfit from Phoenix, AZ, that are slowly coming up in the world of metal with their mix of huge melodic choruses, interesting hooks, and brutal breakdowns. They formed in 2003 and since then have released their debut album “Visions”, and toured the country on their own without any label or management support. They traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to record their highly anticipated EP "For The Life Of One", with Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Breaking Benjamin), it will be released late summer 2011! Until then, check out their album “Visions” on Itunes, cdbaby, bigcartel and pretty much any other music source online.

Danny – vocals  Sanjay – guitar  Lee – drums  Alex – guitar

Rocks Like: Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Parkway Drive

That Boy Ain't Right

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

That Boy Ain’t Right spawned out of the dead end city known as Hamilton in Ontario, Canada in early 2010. TBAR is a definite breath of fresh air in the lungs of the metal scene. TBAR's sound can be described as melodic tec-metal, blending technical music with catchy song structures. Featuring shredding 8 string guitars, thunderous 6 string bass,  chaotic keyboards, vocals from a madman and precision drumming.  TBAR has just released their debut demo that can be heard on They will be heading back to the studio this fall to record 2 more tracks. Check out their many videos on youtube at

Curt – vocals/guitar  Yannick – guitar/vocals  Shane – bass  Shawn – drums  Ian – keyboards

Rocks Like: Dillinger Escape Plan, Strapping Young Lad, Between the Buried and Me

Unto Acheron

Dallas, Texas
Ling Chi Records

Unto Acheron is a Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore quintet rocking out of Dallas, Texas. They are noted for their Greek mythology-based image which is why they are coined “Greekcore”. The band originally started out in August of 2009 by guitarist Brett and was called Beneath Haides in order to channel his heavy Greek influence. It started out as a traditional metalcore band and quickly evolved in deathcore and that’s when the name changed to Unto Acheron. They began to self-record what would become their full-length self-titled debut album. Old songs were upgraded and new genre-destroying songs were made for their collection of songs, and their musical prowess brought the attention of Ling Chi Records. You can pick up their album on Itunes, Shockhound and at any of their shows. Keep a look out for another release in the future and check them out when they roll through your town.

Ken – vocals  Brett – guitar/vocals  Blaine – guitar  Eli – drums  Jay – bass

Rocks Like: As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Decapitated

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Where Angels Fear to Tread pulverizes listeners with heavy breakdowns, technical drum patterns and raw vocals. With only a few months under their belts, the deathcore 5 piece has already played shows with heavy-hitters such as Suffokate, Attila, In the Midst of Lions and Molotov Solution.  With the release of their debut EP “Thoughts Before the Gallows” WAFTT hopes to expand their fanbase and begin touring on a regular basis soon. They plan on recording a follow-up EP to be released at the end of the summer. This is one band you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes, and ears focused on this year!

Geremy – vocals  Aaron – vocals  Tim – guitar  Nick – guitar  Brad – drums

Rocks Like: Chelsea Grin, The Acacia Strain, Suffokate

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7 Bands You Need To Know

While you all wait in anticipation, I figured I would post the "7 Bands You Need To Know" that I did for Music and Noise Magazine's 3rd issue. The format from the magazine is a little different so you all can see how it will look on my blog. Go check out all 7 bands and show them support by buying their albums and catching them on tour....ENJOY

City In The Sea

Scottsdale, Arizona

City In The Sea resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Started by original members Nick, Jeff and Todd a year and a half ago and later on, picked up Eric and Dan from the band The Rendering, which brought together a spectacular fusion of metal and hardcore. Playing on the same stage as Eyes Set To Kill, Asking Alexandria, Emmure and Confide, CITS is proving that they can hang with the big boys. They are planning on playing in and out of Arizona so check them out when they roll through your neighborhood and be prepared for some insane new jams that they are working on. Pick up their current album, “The Long Lost” on Itunes and at any CITS show. 

Todd – vocals  Nick – guitar  Jeff – guitar/vocals  Dan – bass  Eric - drums

Rocks Like: Where The Ocean Meets The Sky, Abandon The Shore, Forevermore

Elysion Fields

Chicago, Illinois

Elysion Fields is a 5-piece metal act from Chicago, Illinois. They just released their 6 song EP and you can also download their 4 song EP from the band themselves on Facebook. They have shared the stage with such acts as August Burns Red, MyChildren MyBride, Miss May I, Texas In July among many others. This band has proven that they are not slowing down anytime soon as they are in the process of writing new tunes for their upcoming EP. Check them out next time they are in your area because guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed. 

Josh – guitar/vocals  Chris – vocals  Jason – drums  Ryan – bass  Scotty – guitar/vocals

Rocks Like: August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying

Home Site

Forty Winters

Coral Springs, Florida
Dead Truth Recordings

Who started in the spring of 2005, calls Coral Springs, Florida home, and has their full length debut releasing on May 10th, 2011? Forty Winters that’s who!! Forty Winters fuses hardcore vocals with metal riffs to create perfection. FW encountered countless lineup changes in the past but unlike a lot of bands, have managed to stay on track and remain consistent. They are getting ready to embark on a world tour in support of this release starting with an East Coast tour of the US in June. Shortly after that, they will have a short run leading up to Summer Fest 2011 before heading over to Costa Rica and El Salvador in August. They will then be shooting over to Europe before they finally fly back to the states and embark on a West Coast tour. Make sure to pick up their new album and tickets to a venue near you. Pick up their album Reflection May, 10th everywhere they are selling it!!! 

Xavier – vocals  Kevin – guitar  Sam – guitar  Macho – bass  Erick - drums

Rocks Like: Blood Of The Martyrs, Legend, Destruction of A King
History Of Monsters

Sebastian, Florida
Ling Chi Records
Rolling into the Florida hardcore scene in the summer of 2008, History Of Monsters is kicking ass and taking names. Coining themselves as “southerncore”, they mix a perfect blend of southern rock and roll with brutal heaviness of breakdowns and dance parts of hardcore. To date, HOM has released two demos and an EP, “Danger Scout”. You can download their EP “Brodeo” on Itunes  and will be hitting the stages across this beautiful land so keep checking back to see if you will be the lucky kid to witness their crazy antics on stage. 

Dan – vocals  Stevo – guitar  Cory – bass  Cameron – drums

Rocks Like: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Every Time I Die, Texas In July
Loren Battle

Phoenix, Arizona

Loren Battle formed in the sandy desert of Phoenix, Arizona, in 2004 as a 4-piece screamo band by founding member, Ryan Mabee. As the underground music scene changed, so did their music style and the lineup seen a facelift. Loren Battle hit the Arizona underground metal scene with their first self-released album, “Words Begin Wars”, which propelled them into an unstoppable force. Since their beginning, they have 2 self-released albums under their belt, “Words Begin Wars” and “Learning To Live With Open Wounds”, and are currently awaiting their 3rd album, “The Last Piece Of Me”, to release May, 21st. After the release of their cd, check out their facebook page to see if they will be hitting up a venue near you.

Alex – vocals  Chad – guitar  Graham – guitar  Ryan – drums  Eric – bass

Rocks Like: Stick To Your Guns, August Burns Red, Atreyu (old)
The Suit

Fargo, North Dakota

The Suit are a 5-piece electronic metalcore/hardcore/punk band from Fargo, North Dakota. They formed in 2006 as Midnight Suit, which they self released an EP and a full length, and after the release of “We’ve Come With Nothing, they changed their name to The Suit and released “The Way That We Fall” EP. The Suit are currently getting ready to record their next EP and will be hitting the roads hard to promote it. You can go on Itunes and get all their releases under both names and check out their facebook to see if they will be rocking the roofs off of your city. 

Dustin – bass/vocals  Paul – vocals  Greg – keys/vocals  Joel – guitar/vocals  Richie – drums

Rocks Like: House Vs. Hurricane, Underoath,  Attack Attack!

Your Memorial

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Facedown Records

These Twin City, Minnesota natives, Your Memorial, are on a rampage. Your Memorial self released their first full length “Seasons” and it rolled through the underground Midwest scene like the plague in Europe. They then released their next full length “Atonement” through Facedown Records and it’s proving to be the greatest accomplishment (trust me, their will be many more) in Your Memorial’s career. Check them out on Facedown Fest and across this country with some of the biggest acts in the scene. Pick up both their albums and rock out with your (insert word) out!

Willy – guitars  Blake – vocals  Tommy – drums  Skip – bass

Rocks Like: Onward To Olympas, Within The Ruins, It Prevails

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Album Review: Neurotic November - Neurotic November EP

Neurotic November
Neurotic November EP
Self Released

This is why I love being apart of the underground!!! I get to jam out to insanity like Hialeah, Florida’s very own Neurotic November with their 2008 self-titled EP. This 4-track EP has everything from sweet breakdowns to glass breaking screams followed by deep growls and then some. It starts off with the first track, How You Gonna Leave Fat Boy High And Dry Like That, which is probably my favorite song off of this album. It has everything I’m looking for in a metal/hardcore band. I especially love that a couple times at the end, it makes you believe the song is over and then punches you in the face. My other favorite is track four, The Emo Winter Break of 96 which definitely has a hint of early For the Fallen Dreams and that’s a huge compliment. Not only do I love this album, but I love the album tracks!!! You can’t go wrong with a track called Johnny Cash... What We Do To You (You Got Cheap Sex, We Got Terror). So, go check out their facebook page and download this album from them and help support Neurotic November by purchasing future albums and hitting them up on any tours.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Album Review: Broken Torment - Broken Torment EP

Broken Torment
Broken Torment EP
Self Released

Broken Torment is a 5-member metal band from Wednesbury, England. Turning hard hitting Djent sounds into heavy melodic riffs and also interbreeding some 90’s style progressive metal and 00’s style groove metal into the mix. It was hard to write this review since all I wanted to do was listen to this EP, especially since it’s only 4 songs, which is the only negative I have about this EP. Out of the 4 songs, the one that I fell in love with was Phantoms. It’s brutal, it’s anger, it’s deep. The production on the song is a little rough but maybe that’s why I like it. Broken Torment has been touring up and down the England coast with this release and I’m hoping to see them in the states sometime in the near future. But for now, go check out their Facebook page and download Broken Torment EP for free. No one can pass up that great gift, unless you’re a rock so download it and fall in love like I did.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Genre Spotlight: Psychobilly/Horror Punk/Rockabilly

Pretty much, every one that knows me that the number one genre that is dearest to my heart is psychobilly. My genre preference changes constantly but I always find myself  listening to psychobilly and horror punk. I figured that I would do a spotlight on the genre so people that were not familiar with the genre could have a great basis on what bands to check out. I know there are thousands upon  thousands of bands to choose from but I’m going to choose my favorite ten that are huge in the industry today and ten that are under the radar but equally as important. These are in no particular order.

Influential Bands

Copenhagen, Denmark
Full Length Albums: Hellbound  (1989), Curse of the Coffin (1991), Brought Back To Life (1994), Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend (1996), Return of the Loving Dead (2002), Dead Girls Don’t Cry (2004), Life is a Grave & I Dig It! (2007)
Current Members: Kim Nekroman – vocals/upright bass, Franc – guitar/vocals, Lux - drums

Tiger Army

Tiger Army:
Berkeley, California
Full Length Albums: Tiger Army (1999), II: Power of Moonlite (2001), III: Ghost Tigers Rise (2004), Music from Regions Beyond (2007)
Current Members: Nick 13 – vocals/guitar, Geoff Kresge – upright bass/vocals, James Meza - drums

Mad Sin

Mad Sin:
Berlin, Germany
Full Length Albums: Chills and Thrills in a Drama of Mad Sin and Mystery (1988), Distorted Dimensions (1990), Amphigory (1991), Break the Rules (1992), A Ticket into Underground (1993), God Save the Sin (1996), Sweet & Innocent?…Loud & Dirty! (1998), Survival of the Sickest (2002), Dead Moon’s Calling (2005), 20 Years of Sin Sin (2007), Burn and Rise (2010)
Current Members: Koefte Deville – vocals, Valle – upright bass/vocals, Dr. Solido – guitar, Matt Vüdü – guitar, Andy Laaf - drums


Copenhagen, Denmark
Full Length Albums: Hell Yeah! (2004), Bring It On! (2005), Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008)
Current Members: Patricia Day – vocals/upright bass, Kim Nekroman – guitar/vocals, Niedermeier – drums

The Meteors

The Meteors:
London, England
Full Length Albums: The Meteors discography
There are WAAAYYYY too many to list so here is the page to view.
Current Members: P. Paul French – vocals/guitar, Simon Linden – upright bass, Wolfgang Hordemann – drums

Demented Are Go

Demented Are Go:
Cardiff, Wales, England
Full Length Albums: In Sickness & In Health (1986), Kicked Out of Hell (1988), The Day the Earth Spat Blood (1989), Orgasmic Nightmare (1991), Tangenital Madness On A Pleasant Side Of Hell (1993), Hellucifernation (1999), Hellbilly Storm (2005)
Current Members: Sparky – vocals, Criss Damage – drums, Grischa – guitars, Holger Grothe – upright bass

The Quakes

The Quakes:
Buffalo, New York
Full Length Albums: The Quakes (1988), Voice of America (1990), New Generation (1993), Quiff Rock (1996), Last of the Human Beings (2001), Psyops (2005), Negative Charge (2009)
Current Members: Kenny Hill – upright bass, Juan Carlos – drums, Paul Roman – vocals/guitar

Koffin Kats

Koffin Kats:
Detroit, Michigan
Full Length Albums: Koffin Kats (2003), Inhumane (2005), Straying from the Pack (2006), Drunk in the Daylight (2008)
Current Members: Vic Victor – vocals/upright bass, EZ Ian – guitars/vocals, Eric “E Ball” Walls – drums

Guana Batz

Guana Batz:
Feltham, Middlesex, England
Full Length Albums: Held Down to Vinyl…At Last (1985), Lone Sharks (1986), Rough Edges (1988), Electra Glide in Blue (1990), Get Around (1994), The Peel Sessions (1998), Can’t Take the Pressure (2000)
Current Members: Pip Hancox – vocals, Johnny Bowler – upright bass, John Buck – drums, Stuart Osbourne – guitar

The Creepshow

The Creepshow:
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Full Length Albums: Sell Your Soul (2006), Run for Your Life (2008), They All Fall Down (2010)
Current Members: Sean McNab – upright bass/vocals, Sarah Blackwood – vocals/guitar, The Reverend McGinty – keyboard/vocals, Matt Gee – drums

Underrated Bands

Kitty In A Casket

Kitty In A Casket:
Vienna, Austria
Full Length Albums: Horror Express (2009)
Current Members: Kitty Casket – vocals, Billy Bat – guitar/vocals, Slappin’ Suspender – upright bass, Scott “Hitman” Noben – drums

Zombie Ghost Train

Zombie Ghost Train:
Sydney, Australia
Full Length Albums: Glad Rags & Body Bags (2006), Dealing the Death Card (2007)
Current Members: Stu Arkoff – vocals/guitar, JM – drums, Captain Reckless – upright bass/vocals

The Mutilators

The Mutilators:
San Francisco, California
Full Length Albums: Hot Rod Whore (2004), Luck’s Run Out (2008), She Put the Baby in the Microwave (2009)
Current Members: Johnny Anal – vocals/guitar, Dan13L Deville – guitar, Eric the Fever – drums, Playboy James – upright bass


Phoenix, Arizona
Full Length Albums: 13 Halloweens (2005), The Traveling Vampire Show (2007), III: The Call Us Death (2010)
Current Members: Bobby Calabrese – vocals/guitar, Jimmy Calabrese – bass/vocals, Davey Calabrese – drums

Cold Blue Rebels

Cold Blue Rebels:
Hollywood, California
Full Length Albums: Blood, Guts n’ Rock & Roll (2011)
Current Members: Mickey Finn – vocals/harmonica, Danny Dangerous – upright bass, Joe Normal – guitar, Spazz - drums

The Slanderin

The Slanderin:
Fullerton, California
Full Length Albums:Psychobilly Lives (2002), A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes, A Murder of Crows (2003), Blue Ramblin (2008)
Current Members: Christian Slander – vocals, Skunk Draino – guitar, Mauricio Arguetta – drums, Everett Thompson – upright bass

12 Step Rebels

12 Step Rebels:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Full Length Albums: Go Go Graveyard Rockin’
Current Members: Jakob Insane – vocals/guitar, Mad Dog Chad – drums, Hamburglar Nate Nacock – upright bass/vocals

Concombre Zombi

Concombre Zombi:
Austin, Texas
Full Length Albums: Daylight Comes (2005)
Current Members: Mark Canepa – vocals/guitar, Destin – drums/vocals, Ralphy Boy – upright bass/vocal

Phantom Rockers
Phantom Rockers:
All over England
Full Length Albums: Kissed By a Werewolf (1989), Demon Lover (1991), Born to be Wild (1992), Search and Destroy (1993), Shag Squirt (1995), Av’ Some of This (1997), Psycho Sick Motherfuckers (1999), Rise Up (2002), On the Loose (2005)
Current Members: Mark Burke – vocals/upright bass, Vin Badblood – guitar, Zteben – guitar, Scotty Tecce – drums


Los Angeles, California
Full Length Albums: Beyond the Grave (2006), Psycho Radio (2008)
Current Members: Manny – guitar, K.R.O. – upright bass, Ben 9000 – drums, Daniel deLeon – vocals/guitar

Clearly, I could have added much, much more so I will give notoriety to other influential bands: Stellar Corpses, The Chop Tops, Frantic Flattops, Misfits, The Stray Cats and The Peacocks. I have thousands of albums from Psychobilly/Horror Punk bands so if you want to get into the genre and to find other bands, let me know or if you are already in the genre and you want to explore more, let me know.

I hope you enjoy this spotlight on my favorite genre and I hope you get into it as much as I have. (TR)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Label Spotlight: Ling Chi Records

Aspering Hosea

Genre: Metalcore/Mathcore
Location" Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Release: bis zum ende EP
Members: Johann - vocals
                Anne - guitar
                Florian - guitar
                Deborah - bass
                Laurin - drums (recently added)


Genre: Deathcore
Location: Bottrop, Germany
Release: Horizon Falls
Members: Micheal - vocals
                Marcel - guitar
                Sebastian - guitar
                Julian - bass
                Sascha - drums

Embedded Within

Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Release: Breeding and Screaming
Members: Mat - vocals
                Richie - guitar
                James - bass
                Mike - drums
                LuPedro - guitar

 History Of Monsters

Genre: Southern Hardcore/Metal
Location: Sebastian, Florida
Release: Brodeo EP
Members: Daniel - vocals
                Steve - guitar
                Cory - bass
                Cameron - drums

I, Apparatus

Genre: Noisecore
Location: Minot, North Dakota
Release: Iscariot EP
Members: Cody - vocals/bass
                Dennis - guitar/vocals
                Patrick - guitar/vocals
                xBJx - drums


Genre: Deathcore/Metal
Location: Madrid, Spain
Release: Souls
Members: Daniel I. - vocals
                Daniel N. guitar
                Gonzalo - guitar
                Jorge - bass
                Saul - drums

Mummified In Circuitry

Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Release: Mummified In Circuitry EP
Members: RJ - vocals
                Nicholas - guitar
                Sergio - guitar
                Nick - guitar
                Justin - bass
                Jonathan - drums

 Oh No! The Afterlife

Genre: Hardcore/Progressive Metal
Location: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
Release: The Birth Of Omega
Members: Brendan - vocals
                Dave - guitar/vocals
                Eduardo - guitar
                Tim - bass
                Phil - drums


Genre: Electro Deathcore
Location: Midland, Texas
Release: Demo
Members: Yoshio - vocals
                 KC - guitar
                 Christopher - guitar
                 Josh - synth/programming
                 Dustin -  bass
                 iMac - drums

+/- (plus/minus)

Genre: Mathcore/Experimental
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Release: Emerald Island
Members: Stanislav - vocals
                Sasha - guitar
                Maksim - bass
                Vyacheslav - drums

 Unto Acheron

Genre: Deathcore/Metalcore
Location: Dallas, Texas
Release: Unto Acheron
Members: Kendel - vocals
                Brett - guitar/vocals
                Blaine - guitar
                Brandon - bass
                Eli - drums

Vanity Strikes

Genre: Metal/Alternative
Location: Fairport, New York
Release: Wings Of Obstruction EP
Members: Danny - vocals/guitar
                Kevin - guitar/vocals
                Robert - bass/vocals
                Kenny - drums

 Vendetta Spoken

Genre: Metal/Deathcore
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota
Release: Schrödinger Equation
Members: Dean - vocals
                Vic - guitar
                Mark - guitar
                Izzy - bass
               Casey - drums

Within The Black

Genre: Death Metal/Deathcore
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Release: Clockwork
Members: Jim - vocals
                Ryan - guitar
                Mike - guitar
                Zach - bass
                Sean - drums

Click on any of the band names to go to their page on Ling Chi Records website.