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6 Bands You Need To Know: June 2011

Alright my fellow friends and fans, here is what you all have been waiting for!!! These are 6 underground bands that are really dominating their scene. Go check out all of the bands and show them support by purchasing their merchandise and supporting them on tour. These were nominated by you so keep up supporting the underground and keep it brutal my friends \m/ \m/

Phoenix, Arizona

Howitzer is a 3-member metal behemoth barreling out of Phoenix, Arizona. Since forming in 2000, Jeremy, Matt and Beau have sharpened their skills and honed their hatred to put together the strongest metal release of 2008, the aptly titled “Rise To Power”. Welcome to the next level of aggression. Howitzer has taken their disgust for the repetitive and has crafted their own brand of pure heavy metal. They don’t play by the rules, they don’t follow formulas, and they don’t listen to anybody – they simply put their money where their mouth is. Their backgrounds are as diverse as jazz, punk, classic rock, blues, and old school metal come together to bring you a modern day Frankenstein of bone crushing metal. These guys write heavy music for heavy people for a heavy scene. Their following is growing by the hour so you better catch them now before they are bigger than you can handle. Check them out on the road and pick up their albums and bang your heads until your head falls off.

Jeremy – drums/vocals  Matt – guitar/vocals  Beau – bass/vocals

Rocks Like: Slayer, Pantera, Motorhead

I, Apparatus

Minot, North Dakota
Hotfoot Records

I, Apparatus was started in mid-2008 in the small town of Minot, ND. Beginning as a 5 piece, the group eventually found 4 like-minded individuals who had a passion for what they did. Heavy, chaotic, melodic, and just plain crazy are some of the words used to describe the group’s music. They take the concept of a live show and instead of making it a performance, they create an experience. Currently, I, Apparatus has 3 EP’s (I, Apparatus EP, This is Your Derailment EP and Iscariot EP) and also a 7” (Entitlement) and will be releasing their debut full length this summer (Ebola and the Botanist). These guy bring one of the best live shows you will ever experience so check them out this summer on a US tour with Minnesota natives Alistair Hennessy.

Cody – bass/vocals  Dennis – guitar/vocals  Patrick – guitar/vocals  xBJx – drums

Rocks Like: The Chariot, Shai Hulud, Norma Jean

Phoenix, Arizona

Laconic is a 5 piece metalcore outfit from Phoenix, AZ, that are slowly coming up in the world of metal with their mix of huge melodic choruses, interesting hooks, and brutal breakdowns. They formed in 2003 and since then have released their debut album “Visions”, and toured the country on their own without any label or management support. They traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to record their highly anticipated EP "For The Life Of One", with Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Breaking Benjamin), it will be released late summer 2011! Until then, check out their album “Visions” on Itunes, cdbaby, bigcartel and pretty much any other music source online.

Danny – vocals  Sanjay – guitar  Lee – drums  Alex – guitar

Rocks Like: Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Parkway Drive

That Boy Ain't Right

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

That Boy Ain’t Right spawned out of the dead end city known as Hamilton in Ontario, Canada in early 2010. TBAR is a definite breath of fresh air in the lungs of the metal scene. TBAR's sound can be described as melodic tec-metal, blending technical music with catchy song structures. Featuring shredding 8 string guitars, thunderous 6 string bass,  chaotic keyboards, vocals from a madman and precision drumming.  TBAR has just released their debut demo that can be heard on They will be heading back to the studio this fall to record 2 more tracks. Check out their many videos on youtube at

Curt – vocals/guitar  Yannick – guitar/vocals  Shane – bass  Shawn – drums  Ian – keyboards

Rocks Like: Dillinger Escape Plan, Strapping Young Lad, Between the Buried and Me

Unto Acheron

Dallas, Texas
Ling Chi Records

Unto Acheron is a Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore quintet rocking out of Dallas, Texas. They are noted for their Greek mythology-based image which is why they are coined “Greekcore”. The band originally started out in August of 2009 by guitarist Brett and was called Beneath Haides in order to channel his heavy Greek influence. It started out as a traditional metalcore band and quickly evolved in deathcore and that’s when the name changed to Unto Acheron. They began to self-record what would become their full-length self-titled debut album. Old songs were upgraded and new genre-destroying songs were made for their collection of songs, and their musical prowess brought the attention of Ling Chi Records. You can pick up their album on Itunes, Shockhound and at any of their shows. Keep a look out for another release in the future and check them out when they roll through your town.

Ken – vocals  Brett – guitar/vocals  Blaine – guitar  Eli – drums  Jay – bass

Rocks Like: As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Decapitated

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Where Angels Fear to Tread pulverizes listeners with heavy breakdowns, technical drum patterns and raw vocals. With only a few months under their belts, the deathcore 5 piece has already played shows with heavy-hitters such as Suffokate, Attila, In the Midst of Lions and Molotov Solution.  With the release of their debut EP “Thoughts Before the Gallows” WAFTT hopes to expand their fanbase and begin touring on a regular basis soon. They plan on recording a follow-up EP to be released at the end of the summer. This is one band you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes, and ears focused on this year!

Geremy – vocals  Aaron – vocals  Tim – guitar  Nick – guitar  Brad – drums

Rocks Like: Chelsea Grin, The Acacia Strain, Suffokate

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