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7 Bands You Need To Know

While you all wait in anticipation, I figured I would post the "7 Bands You Need To Know" that I did for Music and Noise Magazine's 3rd issue. The format from the magazine is a little different so you all can see how it will look on my blog. Go check out all 7 bands and show them support by buying their albums and catching them on tour....ENJOY

City In The Sea

Scottsdale, Arizona

City In The Sea resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Started by original members Nick, Jeff and Todd a year and a half ago and later on, picked up Eric and Dan from the band The Rendering, which brought together a spectacular fusion of metal and hardcore. Playing on the same stage as Eyes Set To Kill, Asking Alexandria, Emmure and Confide, CITS is proving that they can hang with the big boys. They are planning on playing in and out of Arizona so check them out when they roll through your neighborhood and be prepared for some insane new jams that they are working on. Pick up their current album, “The Long Lost” on Itunes and at any CITS show. 

Todd – vocals  Nick – guitar  Jeff – guitar/vocals  Dan – bass  Eric - drums

Rocks Like: Where The Ocean Meets The Sky, Abandon The Shore, Forevermore

Elysion Fields

Chicago, Illinois

Elysion Fields is a 5-piece metal act from Chicago, Illinois. They just released their 6 song EP and you can also download their 4 song EP from the band themselves on Facebook. They have shared the stage with such acts as August Burns Red, MyChildren MyBride, Miss May I, Texas In July among many others. This band has proven that they are not slowing down anytime soon as they are in the process of writing new tunes for their upcoming EP. Check them out next time they are in your area because guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed. 

Josh – guitar/vocals  Chris – vocals  Jason – drums  Ryan – bass  Scotty – guitar/vocals

Rocks Like: August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying

Home Site

Forty Winters

Coral Springs, Florida
Dead Truth Recordings

Who started in the spring of 2005, calls Coral Springs, Florida home, and has their full length debut releasing on May 10th, 2011? Forty Winters that’s who!! Forty Winters fuses hardcore vocals with metal riffs to create perfection. FW encountered countless lineup changes in the past but unlike a lot of bands, have managed to stay on track and remain consistent. They are getting ready to embark on a world tour in support of this release starting with an East Coast tour of the US in June. Shortly after that, they will have a short run leading up to Summer Fest 2011 before heading over to Costa Rica and El Salvador in August. They will then be shooting over to Europe before they finally fly back to the states and embark on a West Coast tour. Make sure to pick up their new album and tickets to a venue near you. Pick up their album Reflection May, 10th everywhere they are selling it!!! 

Xavier – vocals  Kevin – guitar  Sam – guitar  Macho – bass  Erick - drums

Rocks Like: Blood Of The Martyrs, Legend, Destruction of A King
History Of Monsters

Sebastian, Florida
Ling Chi Records
Rolling into the Florida hardcore scene in the summer of 2008, History Of Monsters is kicking ass and taking names. Coining themselves as “southerncore”, they mix a perfect blend of southern rock and roll with brutal heaviness of breakdowns and dance parts of hardcore. To date, HOM has released two demos and an EP, “Danger Scout”. You can download their EP “Brodeo” on Itunes  and will be hitting the stages across this beautiful land so keep checking back to see if you will be the lucky kid to witness their crazy antics on stage. 

Dan – vocals  Stevo – guitar  Cory – bass  Cameron – drums

Rocks Like: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Every Time I Die, Texas In July
Loren Battle

Phoenix, Arizona

Loren Battle formed in the sandy desert of Phoenix, Arizona, in 2004 as a 4-piece screamo band by founding member, Ryan Mabee. As the underground music scene changed, so did their music style and the lineup seen a facelift. Loren Battle hit the Arizona underground metal scene with their first self-released album, “Words Begin Wars”, which propelled them into an unstoppable force. Since their beginning, they have 2 self-released albums under their belt, “Words Begin Wars” and “Learning To Live With Open Wounds”, and are currently awaiting their 3rd album, “The Last Piece Of Me”, to release May, 21st. After the release of their cd, check out their facebook page to see if they will be hitting up a venue near you.

Alex – vocals  Chad – guitar  Graham – guitar  Ryan – drums  Eric – bass

Rocks Like: Stick To Your Guns, August Burns Red, Atreyu (old)
The Suit

Fargo, North Dakota

The Suit are a 5-piece electronic metalcore/hardcore/punk band from Fargo, North Dakota. They formed in 2006 as Midnight Suit, which they self released an EP and a full length, and after the release of “We’ve Come With Nothing, they changed their name to The Suit and released “The Way That We Fall” EP. The Suit are currently getting ready to record their next EP and will be hitting the roads hard to promote it. You can go on Itunes and get all their releases under both names and check out their facebook to see if they will be rocking the roofs off of your city. 

Dustin – bass/vocals  Paul – vocals  Greg – keys/vocals  Joel – guitar/vocals  Richie – drums

Rocks Like: House Vs. Hurricane, Underoath,  Attack Attack!

Your Memorial

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Facedown Records

These Twin City, Minnesota natives, Your Memorial, are on a rampage. Your Memorial self released their first full length “Seasons” and it rolled through the underground Midwest scene like the plague in Europe. They then released their next full length “Atonement” through Facedown Records and it’s proving to be the greatest accomplishment (trust me, their will be many more) in Your Memorial’s career. Check them out on Facedown Fest and across this country with some of the biggest acts in the scene. Pick up both their albums and rock out with your (insert word) out!

Willy – guitars  Blake – vocals  Tommy – drums  Skip – bass

Rocks Like: Onward To Olympas, Within The Ruins, It Prevails

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