Sunday, June 26, 2011

Album Review: The Beat Conception - Beginning Of The End Vol. 1

Let me just say this, at first I was pretty skeptical about reviewing this album because I usually don't get into instrumentals but damn was I ever wrong!!!

Let me get you introduced to The Beat Conception. Its a group made up of three members: Shah Syed AKA Skywalk3r (born in Toronto, raised in Detroit), Donnie Odom AKA Mozaic (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Emmett Mcfarland AKA Angered Rebel (Cincinnati, Ohio).

It starts off with an Intro by Angered Rebel that is amazing! I'm not familiar with the sample used but it's hilarious and it has a jazz overtone and some beats towards the end. The next song is Rocket (Jupiter's Eye) by Angered Rebel which is the track that caught my attention immediately! The only way I can describe this track is jazz infused hip hop at its finest. Track three is called Masterpiece by Mosaic and the title describes it beautifully. It's definitely a soundtrack instrumental that everyone will love. Track four is called Smoke 'Em by Skywalk3r and let me tell you, hip hop artists are going to be drooling over these beats.

I figured I would give you all a sneak peak of the album by telling you about the first half because everyone needs to purchase it and really feel what I'm talking about. Go buy the digital album here and you even get a special bonus track (you have to buy it in order to see what it is). If I could pick two words to describe this album, it would be "smooth transitions". Every track is unique from the next but they all fit together perfectly. I can't wait for vol. 2 and every other one they come out with.



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