Sunday, June 26, 2011

Album Review: End Up Falling - 4 Song Demo

End Up Falling
4-Song Demo

End Up Falling is a 5-member metalcore/pop metal band from Los Angeles, California. When I listened to these 4 songs, my first impression was Chase Long Beach (vocals only) mixed with Atreyu. I agree, that is a different mixture but it keeps it interesting.  

EUF are very much newcomers to the scene but I hear and see tremendous potential for this band. The recordings aren't that bad and musically, it's pretty good. It was hard to pick my favorite song but after listening to all the songs, my pick would be Hope's Downfall. It starts off with some Atreyu style screams and about 50 seconds into it, Kristen comes in with her pop rock style singing. Some people don't care for male screams/female singing but I love the dynamic and with a little bit more practice and higher quality recordings, EUF will be touring right along Eyes Set To Kill, Kittie, In This Moment among many others.

I recommend each and every one of you to check this group out and help support them in anyway possible whether it's supporting them in future merch sales or checking them out on tour or even just telling your friends about them.


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