Thursday, June 2, 2011

Album Review: I, Apparatus - Ebola and the Botanist

Ebola and the Botanist

This album gave me the “Oh Shit” face!!! I have been anticipating this album for quite some time and honestly, the anticipation was well worth it. If you take the best years of Norma Jean and mix it with The Chariot, you have Ebola and the Botanist. I, Apparatus threw in a mixture of hardcore and mathcore and blend it beautifully, A hard undertaking in this day and age where bands are starting to sound the same but I, Apparatus put themselves on a whole new pedestal with this release. I really tried to find something negative about this album and I’m still searching but to no avail. If you have a short attention span this sums it up: PICK THIS ALBUM UP when it drops this summer and check them out on tour with Alistair Hennessey. Their live performance should be a wonder of the modern world. So get off your ass and check out their events tab on Facebook to see if they will be blowing your town up and don’t miss out on the best Hardcore album of the year (in my opinion).

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