Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Album Review: Neurotic November - Neurotic November EP

Neurotic November
Neurotic November EP
Self Released

This is why I love being apart of the underground!!! I get to jam out to insanity like Hialeah, Florida’s very own Neurotic November with their 2008 self-titled EP. This 4-track EP has everything from sweet breakdowns to glass breaking screams followed by deep growls and then some. It starts off with the first track, How You Gonna Leave Fat Boy High And Dry Like That, which is probably my favorite song off of this album. It has everything I’m looking for in a metal/hardcore band. I especially love that a couple times at the end, it makes you believe the song is over and then punches you in the face. My other favorite is track four, The Emo Winter Break of 96 which definitely has a hint of early For the Fallen Dreams and that’s a huge compliment. Not only do I love this album, but I love the album tracks!!! You can’t go wrong with a track called Johnny Cash... What We Do To You (You Got Cheap Sex, We Got Terror). So, go check out their facebook page and download this album from them and help support Neurotic November by purchasing future albums and hitting them up on any tours.

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