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Genre Spotlight: Psychobilly/Horror Punk/Rockabilly

Pretty much, every one that knows me that the number one genre that is dearest to my heart is psychobilly. My genre preference changes constantly but I always find myself  listening to psychobilly and horror punk. I figured that I would do a spotlight on the genre so people that were not familiar with the genre could have a great basis on what bands to check out. I know there are thousands upon  thousands of bands to choose from but I’m going to choose my favorite ten that are huge in the industry today and ten that are under the radar but equally as important. These are in no particular order.

Influential Bands

Copenhagen, Denmark
Full Length Albums: Hellbound  (1989), Curse of the Coffin (1991), Brought Back To Life (1994), Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend (1996), Return of the Loving Dead (2002), Dead Girls Don’t Cry (2004), Life is a Grave & I Dig It! (2007)
Current Members: Kim Nekroman – vocals/upright bass, Franc – guitar/vocals, Lux - drums

Tiger Army

Tiger Army:
Berkeley, California
Full Length Albums: Tiger Army (1999), II: Power of Moonlite (2001), III: Ghost Tigers Rise (2004), Music from Regions Beyond (2007)
Current Members: Nick 13 – vocals/guitar, Geoff Kresge – upright bass/vocals, James Meza - drums

Mad Sin

Mad Sin:
Berlin, Germany
Full Length Albums: Chills and Thrills in a Drama of Mad Sin and Mystery (1988), Distorted Dimensions (1990), Amphigory (1991), Break the Rules (1992), A Ticket into Underground (1993), God Save the Sin (1996), Sweet & Innocent?…Loud & Dirty! (1998), Survival of the Sickest (2002), Dead Moon’s Calling (2005), 20 Years of Sin Sin (2007), Burn and Rise (2010)
Current Members: Koefte Deville – vocals, Valle – upright bass/vocals, Dr. Solido – guitar, Matt Vüdü – guitar, Andy Laaf - drums


Copenhagen, Denmark
Full Length Albums: Hell Yeah! (2004), Bring It On! (2005), Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008)
Current Members: Patricia Day – vocals/upright bass, Kim Nekroman – guitar/vocals, Niedermeier – drums

The Meteors

The Meteors:
London, England
Full Length Albums: The Meteors discography
There are WAAAYYYY too many to list so here is the page to view.
Current Members: P. Paul French – vocals/guitar, Simon Linden – upright bass, Wolfgang Hordemann – drums

Demented Are Go

Demented Are Go:
Cardiff, Wales, England
Full Length Albums: In Sickness & In Health (1986), Kicked Out of Hell (1988), The Day the Earth Spat Blood (1989), Orgasmic Nightmare (1991), Tangenital Madness On A Pleasant Side Of Hell (1993), Hellucifernation (1999), Hellbilly Storm (2005)
Current Members: Sparky – vocals, Criss Damage – drums, Grischa – guitars, Holger Grothe – upright bass

The Quakes

The Quakes:
Buffalo, New York
Full Length Albums: The Quakes (1988), Voice of America (1990), New Generation (1993), Quiff Rock (1996), Last of the Human Beings (2001), Psyops (2005), Negative Charge (2009)
Current Members: Kenny Hill – upright bass, Juan Carlos – drums, Paul Roman – vocals/guitar

Koffin Kats

Koffin Kats:
Detroit, Michigan
Full Length Albums: Koffin Kats (2003), Inhumane (2005), Straying from the Pack (2006), Drunk in the Daylight (2008)
Current Members: Vic Victor – vocals/upright bass, EZ Ian – guitars/vocals, Eric “E Ball” Walls – drums

Guana Batz

Guana Batz:
Feltham, Middlesex, England
Full Length Albums: Held Down to Vinyl…At Last (1985), Lone Sharks (1986), Rough Edges (1988), Electra Glide in Blue (1990), Get Around (1994), The Peel Sessions (1998), Can’t Take the Pressure (2000)
Current Members: Pip Hancox – vocals, Johnny Bowler – upright bass, John Buck – drums, Stuart Osbourne – guitar

The Creepshow

The Creepshow:
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Full Length Albums: Sell Your Soul (2006), Run for Your Life (2008), They All Fall Down (2010)
Current Members: Sean McNab – upright bass/vocals, Sarah Blackwood – vocals/guitar, The Reverend McGinty – keyboard/vocals, Matt Gee – drums

Underrated Bands

Kitty In A Casket

Kitty In A Casket:
Vienna, Austria
Full Length Albums: Horror Express (2009)
Current Members: Kitty Casket – vocals, Billy Bat – guitar/vocals, Slappin’ Suspender – upright bass, Scott “Hitman” Noben – drums

Zombie Ghost Train

Zombie Ghost Train:
Sydney, Australia
Full Length Albums: Glad Rags & Body Bags (2006), Dealing the Death Card (2007)
Current Members: Stu Arkoff – vocals/guitar, JM – drums, Captain Reckless – upright bass/vocals

The Mutilators

The Mutilators:
San Francisco, California
Full Length Albums: Hot Rod Whore (2004), Luck’s Run Out (2008), She Put the Baby in the Microwave (2009)
Current Members: Johnny Anal – vocals/guitar, Dan13L Deville – guitar, Eric the Fever – drums, Playboy James – upright bass


Phoenix, Arizona
Full Length Albums: 13 Halloweens (2005), The Traveling Vampire Show (2007), III: The Call Us Death (2010)
Current Members: Bobby Calabrese – vocals/guitar, Jimmy Calabrese – bass/vocals, Davey Calabrese – drums

Cold Blue Rebels

Cold Blue Rebels:
Hollywood, California
Full Length Albums: Blood, Guts n’ Rock & Roll (2011)
Current Members: Mickey Finn – vocals/harmonica, Danny Dangerous – upright bass, Joe Normal – guitar, Spazz - drums

The Slanderin

The Slanderin:
Fullerton, California
Full Length Albums:Psychobilly Lives (2002), A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes, A Murder of Crows (2003), Blue Ramblin (2008)
Current Members: Christian Slander – vocals, Skunk Draino – guitar, Mauricio Arguetta – drums, Everett Thompson – upright bass

12 Step Rebels

12 Step Rebels:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Full Length Albums: Go Go Graveyard Rockin’
Current Members: Jakob Insane – vocals/guitar, Mad Dog Chad – drums, Hamburglar Nate Nacock – upright bass/vocals

Concombre Zombi

Concombre Zombi:
Austin, Texas
Full Length Albums: Daylight Comes (2005)
Current Members: Mark Canepa – vocals/guitar, Destin – drums/vocals, Ralphy Boy – upright bass/vocal

Phantom Rockers
Phantom Rockers:
All over England
Full Length Albums: Kissed By a Werewolf (1989), Demon Lover (1991), Born to be Wild (1992), Search and Destroy (1993), Shag Squirt (1995), Av’ Some of This (1997), Psycho Sick Motherfuckers (1999), Rise Up (2002), On the Loose (2005)
Current Members: Mark Burke – vocals/upright bass, Vin Badblood – guitar, Zteben – guitar, Scotty Tecce – drums


Los Angeles, California
Full Length Albums: Beyond the Grave (2006), Psycho Radio (2008)
Current Members: Manny – guitar, K.R.O. – upright bass, Ben 9000 – drums, Daniel deLeon – vocals/guitar

Clearly, I could have added much, much more so I will give notoriety to other influential bands: Stellar Corpses, The Chop Tops, Frantic Flattops, Misfits, The Stray Cats and The Peacocks. I have thousands of albums from Psychobilly/Horror Punk bands so if you want to get into the genre and to find other bands, let me know or if you are already in the genre and you want to explore more, let me know.

I hope you enjoy this spotlight on my favorite genre and I hope you get into it as much as I have. (TR)

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