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6 Bands You Need To Know: July 2011

Alright my fellow friends and fans, here is what you all have been waiting for!!! These are 6 underground bands that are really dominating their scene. Go check out all of the bands and show them support by purchasing their merchandise and supporting them on tour. These were nominated by you so keep up supporting the underground and keep it brutal my friends \m/ \m/

Come Forth By Day

Fort Lupton, Colorado
Statik Factory Records

Come Forth By Day come flying out of the Colorado underground music scene with a vengeance! In a genre that includes some of today's very best bands, Come Forth By Day offers an uplifting and invigorating alternative. Influenced by Hardcore, Heavy Metal, & Punk Rock, the band has given birth to a distinctive hybrid sound balancing crushing rhythms against angelic melody. CFBD have shared the stage with some of the most influential hardcore/metal bands in the scene like Terror, Bane, Suicidal Tendencies and Parkway Drive. If CFBD catch you fancy, go check out their current release on Statik Factory Records, “How Do You Want To Be Remembered” and they are in the process of completing their sophomore album “Heroes At Home” and are recording a cover EP to be released in the future.

John – vocals  Robert – guitar  Danny – guitar  Ben – bass  Tom – drums

Rocks Like: Misery Signals, Bane, With Honor

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It Came From The Sea

Bismarck, North Dakota

It Came From The Sea is a Melodic Post Hardcore band hailing from the frozen plains of North Dakota and began with Braden Hendershot (Guitar/Vocals) and Chris Vetter (Drums) The two friends met while playing together in a post rock project called Leviathan Danger, Since the first practice the two grew very close and after multiple failures with multiple bands the two comrades filled the void of their hearts with new Bass player Jamie Schlittenhart, and Caleb Seiler on Rhythm Guitar. ICFTS is a group of friends that love music and each other. Some call them drunks, others call them "good dudes" One thing is for sure about this gaggle of soft hearted, sharp tongued handsomely devilish fellows is that if you come say hi to one of them, they will most likely hug you or invite you to do karate in the garage. I am trying my best to make this bio sound cool and interesting but to be completely honest, they are just normal dudes that like playing crunchy grooves and seeing smiles on all their friends faces. They currently have a demo for sale and also a self-titled release sometime in the future.

It’s a crazy world out there with lots a crazy people and negativity is at an al-time high here in 2011. We dont care if you buy our merchandise, come to our shows, or even say nice thing about us. We simply want to remind people that this life is more than money, more than being cool in whatever social circle you belong to, more than any opinion that I or any other jag off on the internet has about it. Just love yourselves and those around you. This world is our country and this life is but a dream. Dont read between the lines cause theres nothing to be seen. We are oneICFTS

Braden – vocals/guitar  Chris – drums  Caleb – guitar  Jamie – bass

Rocks Like: Hopesfall, Modest Mouse, Thrice

Teratolgical Nightmare

Chicago, Illinois

Teratological Nightmare is a Death Metal band right out of Chicago, Illinois. With the release of the Descension Into Terror EP, Teratological Nightmare have really focused on the real potential they possess. Their debut album is going to be released in late July of 2011 with real hard, and brutal music which is a huge step from Descension Into Terror. Be sure to stay up to date with the band by giving them a "like" on Facebook and give them support by picking up their current album and also pick up their debut full length and check them out on tour if they are in a city near you. In the words of Teratological Nightmare, SPREAD THE BRUTALITY!!!

Vinny – vocals  Matas – drums  John – guitar  Frank – guitar  Matt – guitar  Ryan – bass

Rocks Like: Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, Behemoth

Toy Called God

Brentwood, California

Toy Called God is a groove Metal band from Brentwood, California that mixes crushing distortion, great hooks and an amazing ability to make your head bang involuntarily. TCG was started when a former guitarist delivered a package to drummer Zack Cliff's house. The pair started jamming and occasionally adding future TCG singer Tyson Cliff to the mix. After Zack and the former guitarist posted a Craigslist ad for lead guitarists, guitarist Patrick Donovan was brought out to audition. The pair liked Patrick's playing enough to invite him back the following week, to jam with them and Tyson to see if the match was good for all four. The four then placed an ad for a bassist, and soon Dustin Phillips was added to the Toy Called God mix. After rehearsing for few months, it was decided by four members of the band that despite all that the now former guitarist had done to help start the band, they would have to relieve him of duties for the band to move forward. Now the band has 18 original songs and is poised to assault stages up and down the West Coast. Please check out Toy Called God this spring and summer and if you want to see them on Warped Tour this year, vote for them to get on the summer tour at Keep your eyes peeled for a debut release and be the first in your circle to own this gem.

Tyson – vocals  Zack – drums  Dustin – bass  Patrick – guitar

Rocks Like: Corrosion Of Conformity, Disturbed, Godsmack

Vicious Machine

New York City, New York
Underground Law Records

Vicious Machine is an Industrial Deathcore band from New York City. They combine Industrial metal with pure crushing death metal to create a fresh sound of futuristic brutality.
Ever since there formation in 2010, Vicious Machine has been dominating the metal scene with their unique but crushing sound. Having been played on many various radio stations, and shows Vicious Machine has captivated listeners from all over the world. Their debut EP "War We Programmed" has received outstanding feedback from fans, and the band is currently doing shows in support for it by playing the whole EP in its entirety. Although the debut EP came out only in April, the band is already writing music for their 2nd untitled EP. So keep a lookout for this EP and catch them on the road so you can feel what it feels like to be dominated!!

KC – vocals  Josh – guitar/vocals  Chris – guitar  Will – drums/percussion

Rocks Like: Fear Factory, Suicide Silence, Meshuggah

The Wakening

Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona

The Wakening is a progressive metal group that formed in 2008 in the hot desert of Phoenix, Arizona. They released their first 6-song EP "The Blistering of Ages" in September of 2010. The Wakening brought in their 2nd guitarist Nick in early 2011. Their first full length LP should be coming out late 2011/early 2012 so get your hands on it and help support the scene. Their next show will July 30th at Chasers in Scottsdale, Arizona for Battle of the Bands presented by Living Dead Entertainment and Villain Recordings. There will be sick music and help The Wakening reign over the competition.

Jeremy – vocals  Scott – guitar  Nick – guitar  Tyler – bass  David – drums

Rocks Like: Tool, Opeth, In Flames

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