Saturday, July 2, 2011

Album Review: Casket Robbery - Casket Robbery EP

Casket Robbery
Casket Robbery EP (2011)
Self Released

First off, this album had me at the album artwork!!! It's something that you would see on a book about Jack the Ripper or Edgar Allen Poe novel. Second off, after listening to the first song, which is happily titled "Everyone Dies (Sharon Tate)", I was hooked. It has samples which get me every time a band uses them and it references serial killers. Ok, now lets get to talking about this EP. Every aspect of this EP is brutal to perfection. The vocals are dirty and in your face and it will probably put the faint of heart into tears. It's not just brutal vocally but also musically. Adam, on sticks, is chaotic on the drums. Every hit feels like you're being punched in the face repeatedly but you just can't stop listening to it. Alongside Adam punching you in the face, you also have Cory, Michael and Derek giving you nut and kidney shots to make sure you're down for the count! If you love dirty metal that isn't afraid to offend people, don't just listen to a song but actually purchase their music because it's well worth any price they put and it won't leave your cd player. I recommend this EP to every metal fanatic out there and if you cry easily, listen to it anyways!!!!

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