Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Album Review: Come Forth By Day - How Do You Wanna Be Remembered?!

Come Forth By Day
How Do You Wanna Be Remembered?!
Statik Factory Records

Come Forth By Day blew the city of Denver to the ground with the release of How Do You Wanna Be Remembered?! Performing with some artists at the top of the game such as Parkway Drive, Terror, The Ghost Inside, Everytime I die, and that's just to name a few CFBD has shown they can handle their own! With melodic guitars and in your face drumming CFBD will soon be a household name.

The opening track "The Ghost Of Steve Rodgers" blows you away! With the opening death growl "The odds are stacked against us but still we fight" followed by gang chants "the good fight" you can tell this is definitely a hardcore band. Not just any hardcore band. A band that throws a way the rules of negativity and shredding, replaces them with positive lyrics and fierce guitars. Every song has a uplifting vibe and sense of warmness to it.

Track 2 titled "Contra Viento Y Marea (translates to "Against Wind And Tide"). It takes you by surprise with sort of swaying rhythm then crushing into the song. "Its Strange The Way Things Work Mostly Not How I'd Expect" This song will make your hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you've heard this song live chances are you've jumped to the front stage with your fist in the air singing along with "I will give it my all and hold my head high!"

Track 3 "Blood Eternal" Lyrically, this song has a loving yet aggressive vibe. With the intro stopping you in your tracks and knocks you off your feet it picks you back up and pulls you along with beautiful octave harmonies and powerful drums. The lyrics follow a ridged drum fill that suggest this song is going to be musically intense. "Everything Has Changed Since You've Arrived". Combined with biting rhythm guitars, it makes you feel motivated and charged. That will make you want to listen to this track over and over!

Track 4 "The Long Haul Grabs You With A Variety Of Things" This track has sweet guitar riffs, roaring vocals and drums that sound like darts. The main catch here is everything put together makes this song sound whole. With a touching motto of "Put your trust in me and I won't let you down". It emotionally pulls you in and makes it feel like this song was meant just for you. This is by far a top song of this album!

Track 8 "Among The Valiant" is in my opinion the best song on this album.  Lyrically, this is one of the best written songs I've heard in a long time. The song opens with a huge bang! Followed by a heavy explosion of guitar and in your face. For the hardcore fans, this song has an awesome two step you wouldn't expect. With the speed and energy of this song, you can feel the instruments pumping you with motivation to get up on your feet! Then comes the guitar solo. Yes that's right a perfect insane guitar solo that fits so well you might think Eddie Van Halen were a guest guitarist. If you were on the dance floor, this is the song you'd be two stepping and pushing people out of your way to get to the front row to grab that mic and sing your hearts out.

These are only 5 of 10 songs, and this album is well worth the $9.99 on iTunes. The rest of the songs are just as intense, and just as in your face! This album will be on your top played playlist along with bands as PARKWAY DRIVE, PENNYWISE, MADBALL, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS, A DAY TO REMEMBER, THE GHOST INSIDE, TERROR, FIRST, BLOOD, FOR TODAY, BLEEDING THROUGH, METALLICA. If your a fun of punk metal or hardcore you will love "HOW DO YOU WANNA BE REMEMBERED?!"

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