Sunday, July 3, 2011

Album Review: Swingshot - Farewell The Season EP

Farewell The Season EP (2011)
Self Released

Heavy metal, hardcore, blues, hard rock, and swing. These are all the genres that come up when fans talk about Swingshot. These guys are as good as it gets when it comes to the metal scene. I was recently introduced to Swingshot not that long ago and I'm so pleased that I was shown this because this EP completely blew me away. 4 out of 5 members have vocal parts so you are getting different vocal styles mixed with metal riffs and machine gun style drumming. I have listened to this EP about 20 times and I'm still having a hard time pointing out my favorite song because all 6 tracks are pure genius. I can see why My Most Beautiful Sin Promotions endorses this band!!! I highly recommend this EP to any and all metalheads of the world. Check out their Facebook page to see where to purchase this album. Can't wait for many more albums from these guys!!! \m/\m/

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