Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Album Review: Crysis - Insane EP

Crysis - Insane EP

Insane EP

First off, this EP shows that England is also on top of their metal!!! This 3 track EP is dirty, brutal and every metalheads dream. I think my favorite part about jamming out to this album is you can still make out the lyrics! I have listened to this EP 5 times now and I still find myself headbanging to it. If only I had someone here to mosh with ; ) I'm hoping these guys can get a US tour going on someday especially on The Summer Slaughter Tour where they belong. Crysis took the best from Lamb Of God, In Flames and The Black Dahlia Murder and created this monstrosity that I am still currently listening to. Everyone (regardless if you're in the UK or the US or anywhere around the world) needs to check these guys out because they deserve to have as much support as they can get and hopefully to get a full on World tour or at least into the US. The next step for these guys is to put out a full length and make it as brutal and melodic as this EP and distribute the hell out of it. Go like these guys and tell every radio station to play them and get the word out. Hopefully they will be hitting a town (or country) near you so help these guys out and give them all your money.


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