What I'm About

This blog is a way for bands/labels/magazines/promoters to get any type of promotion. I am willing to review an album, do a music spotlight or do some type of press kit or editorial coverage that you can share with your fans and other outlets. If you gain one fan because of me, my job was successful. I'm willing to tag with other promoters in order to cover more bands and continue keeping the underground scene flourishing. If you want me to help you in any way, email me at zombieswalk@live.com

I am also starting a "6 Bands You Need To Know" section and I have officially released my first one and it did very well and have picked my next 6 and the response for fans nominating their favorite underground band was more than perfect. I'm hoping every band that I talk about on here gets noticed in a positive way.

I am currently learning how to do album artwork and once I get that done, I'm going to start doing compilation albums with between 15-20 bands per album. This will just be another way to promote bands and get their music heard by the masses.

If you think my blog is a huge help for the underground music scene, let me know and please share this blog and my facebook page (of the same name) with all your friends.

Thank you all who are currently fans and I welcome all future fans with open arms and let's share our passion with the world.